“Pig Headed” is inspired by the speaking severed pig head in Golding’s novel “Lord of the Flies” as well as the demonstrativeness of South Africa’s current ‘politricks’, in the work the artist speaks back to the orating abject pig head. Both a window and a mirror, the beastly pig head is symbolic of the state and the self and so the performative action speaks back not only to the rotting state, but to an apathetic citizenry too. Maybe there is a beast – maybe it’s us.

GAVIN KRASTIN (SOUTH AFRICA) Straddling the worlds of theater, contemporary performance and live art, Gavin Krastin is an award winning South African artist with an interest in the body’s representation, limitation and operation in alternative, layered spaces. His work is inspired by his immediate South African environment and the post-colonial histories embedded in its shifting socio-political climate. The social underpinnings and philosophies of space intrigue him and inspire a questioning of operational systems, thresholds, proximities and transgressions in his work.

photos by Alan Parker

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