“50 Bulbs” probes into the social frustration with absurdity, nonsense, and paradox continuously established by the ignorance of otherness and pays attention to the precariousness of conformity and the invisible tension aroused by dominance.

HEERAN LEE (KOREA/US) is a performance artist whose body centered work explores private and public gestures of the Asian female body in the patriarchal power structure and investigates cultural marginalization. Her recent grants have included the ARKO Young Art Frontier from Arts Council Korea (2013), she was a Semi-finalist for the emerging artist prize from The Claire Rosen & Samuel Edes Foundation (2012) and The Anna Louise Raymond Fellowship (2012). Her work has been shown at Queens Museum (New York 2016), Galerie ALB (Paris 2015), Culture Station Seoul 284(Korea 2014), Grace Exhibition Space (New York 2013), The Watermill Center (New York 2012), Defibrillator Gallery (Chicago 2012), and Rockbund Art Museum (Shanghai 2011). She holds an MFA specializing in performance from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and was a fellow artist of LEIMAY 2014-2015 at CAVE in New York.

photos by Miao Jiaxin, Heeran Lee, Pipo Domaga