“Pieces of Dead Meat”: The concept of Obesity in Mexico and Latin America has been constantly rejected and pathologized reaching the point where it seems that necessarily the fact of being obese means being a diabetic, hypertensive, inactive person and a burden on the government budget, which invests millions in public campaigns against these bodies. The political goal in Mexico today seems to be to exterminate the obese. As opposed to this, within the group of paraphilias is the “Anastimafilia”; described as sexual arousal by fat, generating the idea that a fat body serves as an object of stimulation “Freak”. Usually obese bodies generate repulsion, I mention as a fact that the degree of “Diagnosis” morbid obesity is my word that comes from curiosity – draw the attention of other unpleasant way. Within these same marginalized and subordinate bodies we find the fluids that normally become waste that must be in the trash, because they are disturbers of the emotional stability of individuals. It is we say we live in the culture of waste and fluids our bodies and become that, in a political strategy that makes us feel we do not deserve another place, only the trash.

ERIKA BÜLLE (MÉXICO) Semblance visual and performance artist born in Mexico in 1969 , restless PhD student in Arts and Design in the FAD – UNAM .
always experimenting with the forbidden, how rude . Perhaps that is why the choice for Performance for 25 years . From morgues to obesity , subjects always rejected, but never declined .

photos by Asher Asher, Josué Barrera