“Affaction” is a discursive performance in which witnesses and audience members chart experienced affects and embodied consequences, connecting these to singular moments during Rapid Pulse performances and situations.  www.affactionresearchcenter.wordpress.com

ESTHER NEFF (US) (b. 1984, Goshen, IN, USA) is the founder of Panoply Performance Laboratory (PPL), an organizational entity, space, and collaborative of artists situating live operations in Brooklyn, NY. She has performed discursive and contextualizing forms of work (like the project done here during Rapid Pulse) at The New Museum, at Grace Exhibition Space as part of the Great American Performance Art Festival, as part of Month of Performance Art Berlin, and organized conferences as/of performance as well as a monthlong festival in the form of a mass work of institutional critique. She is also the initiator of the “front” Brooklyn International Performance Art Foundation, an entity which largely writes open letters and legitimizes performance art in name only. As “PPL,” Neff curates PERFORMANCY FORUM and has constructed half a dozen “operas of operations” with composer Brian McCorkle and other collaborators. These include “relational marches,” a restaurant, a silviculture museum, an “ideal institution” and many short-form and durational projects.

photos by Vela Phelan, Brian McCorkle, Robert Zott

Sponsored by Foundation for Contemporary Arts Emergency Grant