In “Constants and Variables”, Gillian has created a pattern, cut and sewn a dress from paper. Adam has created ink using candles, gum arabic and water. Wearing the white paper dress and using a metal tea spoon, Gillian will transfer a number of full vials of ink, across her lap, into empty vials. The task is complete once all the ink has been transferred from one set of glass vials to the other. Each drop spilled represents a degree of failure, indelibly marked and recorded on the white paper. By their very presence, the audience will be recorded as variables in this performative experiment.

GILLIAN JANE LEES & ADAM YORK GREGORY (UK)  Adam York Gregory is a scientist, visual artist and film maker. Gillian Jane Lees is a Contemporary Performance Practitioner and also Co-Artistic Director of Proto-type. Together, their practice seeks to explore the notion of ‘the imagined ideal’ through subjective performance, objective experimentation, documentation and observation.

photos courtesy of the artists

Tramway Arts CentreLancaster Arts at Lancaster UniversityEngland Arts Council