Homage looks at work that has helped shaped the contemporary field of performance art for inspiration: to honor, respect and revive various methods of performance traditions. Broadening the interpretation of the notion of homage, some of the works pay respects to those who have gone before them and those who have left an indelible mark. Homage is a motley survey on the varying styles or forms of performance throughout its young history.

Justyna Gorowska celebrates the life and work of the late photographer Francesca Woodman, who committed suicide in 1981. Gorowska visually reinterprets canonical pieces through brief, moving video pieces interspersed throughout the programming. A visual and emotional connection is forged between Gorowska and the memory of Woodman’s work. Danilo Bracchi describes his piece as “Identities and desires in motion.” ‘Rebuçado’ is a video-dance piece rooted in contemporary dance practice while paying homage to Brazilian traditions. Stilettos and B-Boys compose a choreography for the screen where the movements guide an experimental soundtrack. Invoking both Greek tragedy and fluxus-style performance work, Roos Hoffmann, offers a “tetralogy” composed of four distinct works that use the body as medium. Through the simplicity of actions, Hoffmann pays homage to earlier styles of experimental performance art. Michiko Saiki stylistically pays homage to surreal, absurdist performance through digital manipulation of sound and image. Saiki commemorates and critiques japanese society in the wake of the Tohoku earthquake and its continuing consequences.

SUN 5 JUN 2016



The chosen girl knows the time has come. Girls chant Japanese syllables in the order that they learned as children, “a, i, u, e, o…” They chant because it has become routine; they know that the syllables mean nothing, yet they do as society has trained them. 2014 00:06:47

This piece was created to remind the Japanese people of the tragic event of Tohoku earthquake in March 2011.

Michiko Saiki (Japan/USA)
Michiko Saiki

Michiko Saiki is a Japanese-born multimedia artist who currently attends Bowling Green State University where she is pursuing her DMA in contemporary music with a specialization in piano performance. As an advocate of contemporary music and art, she has been creating works that merge these two fields. Michiko continues to seek new relationships among music, art, and herself in meaningful ways.



Performance video “Tetralogy” by Roos Hoffmann, made during PAS | 39, “Creaking Wooden Fish”, Venice, Italy. 2015 00:04:54

A tetralogy (from Greek τετρα- -tetra, “four” and -λογία -logia, “discourse”) is a compound work that is made up of four distinct works. The name comes from the Attictheater, in which a tetralogy was a group of three tragedies followed by a satyr play, all by one author, to be played in one sitting. This performance video is based on a series of short life performances. PAS|39 was organized in the framework of the Learning Program of the VENICE INTERNATIONAL PERFORMANCE ART WEEK, Studio Contemporaneo in collaboration with Live Arts Cultures. With special thanks to BBBJohannes Deimling and Kirsten Heshusius.

Roos Hoffmann (Netherlands)
Roos Hoffmann

Roos Hoffmann is born in The Netherlands (1978). She is a multidisciplinary performance artist, working primarily with performances, public interventions, performance-videos, installations and artist books. Roos Hoffmann often invites people at a location in public space or art venues to join her performances. Communication and interaction are important themes in her work. Roos Hoffmann currently lives and works in The Hague. She graduated at the Royal Academy of Art, KABK, in The Hague (2008). Also she holds a MA degree in Philosophy of Arts and Culture, from the University of Maastricht. Her work is shown in several venues, including in The Netherlands, The U.S.A., Germany, Poland, Italy and Thailand. Roos Hoffmann is a guest lecturer, teaching Performance Art at The Royal Academy The Hague, KABK, and she was curator of several exhibitions.



The secret, veiled. What is the origin or center? The intimate and profound. Finally, Rebuçado: an experiment that explores aesthetic video-dance in transit between different tribes, tastes and desires. Scores are inducers body image and sound for an audiovisual reflection on imaginary cities, inside prisons and indifference. Life goes on delicate sweet compass a stiletto sweet spirit steps in B-boys and connected in editing the scenes. Dance music musician-dancer and performance is completed in three different bodies. In the end, the sweet does not matter much. It may be stepped on. And I forgot.
Photos: Felipe Cortez

Danilo Bracchi (Brazil)
Danilo Bracchi
Danilo Bracchi graduated in Degree in Theater UFBA since 2007, he worked as a dancer / actor and producer at the Company Viladança BA, directed by Cristina Castro from 1998 to 2006. Technician in Cultural Management in the State of Pará Cultural Foundation, director and Company producer of Scenic Research. Winner of the Research Fellowship at the Institute of Pará Arts 2008/2010/2014. Funarte Klauss Vianna Petrobras 2009/2010, 2012 and 2014. Residences Awards Artistic Scholarship in Performing Arts Award Funarte 2010.Prêmio Funarte Petrobras Baldy Stimulus to the Circus in 2012. Selected to participate in the Movimiento Sur project – Santiago- Chile 2015. Master of Education in Montevideo – Uruguay and specializes in cultural management.